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China’s Leading Aggregator of Third-party Amazon Vendors

Acquisition Capital + Brand Operation

Data-driven enterprise with local supply chain advantages

Nebula Brands boasts cumulative financing that exceeds $50 million

Nebula Brands is deeply rooted in the Chinese seller market, and over 100 Chinese brands have become our potential acquisition targets

Our professionals from Beijing, Shenzhen and New York help to take your brands to the next level of growth

Brand Transformation is an Irresistible Trend

The Amazon marketplace, which has burgeoned over the years, continues to expand, driven increasingly by China-based third-party vendors, and Nebula Brands is uniquely poised to tap into this growth. We have assembled a strong team in China with deep knowledge of the market and extensive on-the-ground sourcing, underwriting, and operating experience. This team brings experience from renowned e-commerce, technology, and financial firms and has developed a data analytics-enabled due diligence framework that streamlines its acquisition process. After acquiring vendors, Nebula Brands works to strengthen these vendors’ brands, optimize their supply chains, as well as expand their businesses.

Sell Your Business to us in 25 Days

If you want to sell your Amazon business or hope to take your business to new heights, or even if you are looking to start a new life journey, Nebula Brands can provide you with an efficient exit option!

Acquiring A Brand in Five Steps

An investment consultant will communicate with you throughout process. Our professional team will provide a quick price quote and carry out due diligence after a preliminary examination and data handover. This is done to ensure that you enjoy a perfect transaction process as well as financial and legal support. You can rest assured knowing that your brand is in good hands.

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The Leading Amazon FBA buyer in China

We Are Experts in Acquiring Brands

As the first and largest Amazon brand acquisition group in China, Nebula Brands has been expanding the global presence of domestic products through a model based on Capital Acquisition + Brand Operation. We strive to help Chinese consumer brands to shine on the Amazon platform.

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